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Each day on FORGIVE OR FORGET, the charismatic  Mother Love encourages guests to divulge their wrong doings and why they are asking  forgiveness. The show comes to a climax as the guest is taken to a door for a moment of revelation.
Will the object of their transgression be there in person to accept the apology?
Or will the other side of the door be empty sending the undeniable message - forget it !
The number to make your own apology is: 1 877 APOLOGY

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You've caught him cheating!! Should You Forgive & Forget?

He says it's over and begs you to forgive him. This isn't the first time, maybe it won't be the last.
What do you do? - Do you kick him out, give him another chance, or show him how two can play the same game?
Come on this show and impress your friends by making a complete ass of yourself and your spouse - You will never be able to show your face in public again after receiving a high degree of abuse from an over zealous trailer trash audience who just revel in your despair.

Each day on FORGIVE OR FORGET, the charismatic Mother Love encourages guests to divulge their wrong doings and why they are asking forgiveness.
The show comes to a climax as the guest is taken to a door for a moment of revelation.
Will the object of their transgression be there in person to accept the apology?
Or will the other side of the door be empty sending the undeniable message - forget it.

He cheated while she was in labor!
Jamie is demanding an apology from her son's father, Christopher, for cheating on her while she was in labor. Christopher said he was leaving the hospital to get clothes and never came back to be with Jamie during the birth of their son. Can Jamie forgive Christopher for cheating when she needed him the most?

She hit on her sister's man.
Stephanie wants an apology from her sister, Michele, for making the moves on her boyfriend, Adam. Stephanie witnessed Michele flirting with Adam and they haven't spoken in four months. Will Michele be here to apologize to her sister?

He ignored his dying friend.
Donald is here to apologize to his friend James' sister, Tina. James passed away and Donald feels guilty because he left the house and did not realize how seriously ill James was on the morning he passed away. Will Tina help Donald cope with the guilt he has been carrying within him?

She kidnapped their baby!
Carisa needs to apologize to her husband, Thomas for kidnapping their baby when he forbid her from seeing him because of her drinking habits. Carisa has not seen her son since he was returned to his father four months ago. Will Thomas forgive Carisa for acting so irrationally?

He dated her friend.
Tyon is apologizing to his ex-girlfriend Tish for dating her friend. They were not seeing each other at the time, but Tyon regrets his actions. Will Tish take Tyon back or is this relationship beyond mending?

Stepsister reunion or family feud?
Jenny is here to apologize to her half sister, Valarie, whom she has never met. Jenny feels she was insensitive to Valarie because Jenny was more interested in finding out about their father than Valarie when they first spoke five years ago. Will Valarie forgive Jenny and meet her for the first spoke five years ago. Will Valarie forgive Jenny and meet her for the first time ever?

He was jealous of her Internet friends.
Christina wants to apologize to her boyfriend, Matthew, for disrespecting him. She had a telephone relationship with a guy she met on the Internet, knowing that Matthew was uncomfortable with it.

She wrote her friend a nasty letter.
Becky wants to apologize to her former best friend, Jennifer, for writing a twenty four-page letter that criticized her lifestyle and parenting skills. They haven't spoken in 21/2 years. Will Jennifer forgive Becky so they can mend their friendship?

She was a mean sister-in-law.
Shelander wants to apologize to her sister-in-law, Gwen, for treating her poorly ever since she started dating Shelander's brother, Timothy. Shelander admits she has been extremely mean to Gwen and regrets the way she has treated her. Will Gwen forgive Shelander for all of the hurtful things she has said and done?

He was an abusive husband.
Rick is here today to apologize to his wife, Teresa, for being mentally and physically abusive toward her. They are currently separated and Rick is willing to do whatever it takes to get his wife and kids back. Will Teresa take him back if he promises to get the help he needs?

He was an abusive drunk.
Scott is apologizing to his ex, Brett, for being abusive when he drinks. Scott claims he's in recovery and wants Brett to be a part of his life again. Will Brett forgive Scott?

Her sisters shut her out of their life
Marci wants to know why her sisters haven't been a part of her life for the past three years. Marci believes that her sisters disapprove of her lifestyle and she wants to let them know that she has changed for the better.

His brothers dissed him.
David is demanding that his twin brothers, Otis and Odell, apologize to him for never recording his music. They were singing together in a group, but David left the group when they refused to record any of his songs. Will the twins apologize to David?

He left her suffering alone.
Jim is apologizing to his ex-girlfriend, Amanda, for not being supportive during the death of her infant son. Jim had left Amanda to be with his ex-girlfriend when Amanda suffered from this tragic loss. Will Amanda forgive Jim for not being there during her time of need?

She needs to meet her sister.
Amy needs to know her biological sister, Heather, she has never met before. Amy was raised by her grandmother and Heather was placed in foster care when she was a baby. Will these two sisters finally meet for the first time ever?

Dear Forgive and Forget
You people must have truly lost your minds. How in the world are you going to fire Mother love for Robin Givens.
The show is based on compassion,understanding, and forgiveness. Where has Robin Givens ever displayed any of those traits. Also, Mother love has been in a long standing relationship, has Robin been in anything longer than 2 months.
Mother Love displays the characteristics of the show and she looked like she was really concerned for her guest.
If Mother Love leaves this show, she will be taking me and alot of other fans with her.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will give Mother Love another Chance.
Pamela Lofton

Dear New York Show
My friends and I were saddened to hear that Mother Love had been fired and that of all people Robin Givens would be taking her place. I do not believe that Robin Givens can ever take the place of Mother Love  She doesn't have the charisma or the downright earnestness of Mother Love.Mother Love is one of a kind.  I watched her appear on other shows before she had her own and I loved her then as I do now.  I feel that if you replace her you will lose a lot of viewers, I know my friends and co-workers will not watch the show with Robin Givens as the host.
To Mother Love, I wish you all the best, and I am rooting for you
Rebecca R

Dear UPN9
Just wanted to be added to your growing list of people who wish to tell you that you have made a terrible mistake in firing Mother Love.

I am a professional who by choice work from my home. I have watched all the talk shows and am sick of the majority of no class hosts and topics day time television has to offer. (makes one wonder if the whole world has lost it). (HOWEVER) Mother Love was and is a host with class and a caring heart. A true professional. A women who struggled to get and be the women she is. She was wonderful at her job. Are you crazy?
Why not just accept your error and ask her back. Oh and you should probably suck up a little and offer her a contract and raise.
Peoples opinions are important and the reason you allowed to air any programs. I have expressed mine.  - Thank-you
Pamela Barnett

Dear Producer
I think it stinks that you all have fired a dynamic, God-fearing, peace-making person from Forgive or Forget. Well, I won"t bother to watch. Many people were blessed by Mother Loves" caring attitude and occasional "tough love". God bless you sister Boogie! We are going to miss you ! I hope they can make room for you on"Touched by an Angel". Thats where you deserve to be. Please forward this E-mail to here if possible. She needs it, she deserves it.
Carol Cowart

Attn Mike
I have been a fan of Forgive or Forget since it first aired. It was a shock to find out that someone made the irresponsible decision to replace "Mother Love" with that no talent,sorry excuse for a host, Robin Givens. Along with many of my friends who are also fans of the show and Mother Love,have decided to refrain from being viewers. I am sure that I can speak for many other fans when I say that this is a grave error made by the network.

Other juicy subject matters that we are featuring to improve our ratings are:
She lied so he wouldn't leave.
She thinks he cheated with their neighbor.
Their friendship was full of lies.
He slept with her best friend!
He was a freeloading friend.
She wants to stop the divorce.
She crashed the car and left town.
She testified against her brother.
Her mother abused her.
Their mom's death tore them apart.
She burned down the barn.
He cheated and got 2 women pregnant!
The feuding cousins

Remember Forgive Forget
by ęKlaus Stern

Remember when they grabbed us and dragged us to the camps?
And the world stood by in silence and asked us to forgive?
But the S.S. tortured us - never let us forget we are Jews.
And do you remember when we were liberated and we were looking
for our parents, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters?
But they had perished - six millions of them.
And the world told us: forgive and forget.
And do you remember that a new generation grew up in Israel
and they never wanted to forgive their parents for marching
into the gas chambers like a bunch of sheep without resisting?
And we tried to forget.
But then do you remember that voices appeared telling the rest
of the world, that the Holocaust never happened?
And there was nothing to forgive or to forget.
And when the rest of us gathers here in memory of our dear ones,
who perished during the Holocaust, some of us like to remember
Some of us might be ready to forgive
But none of us should ever forget.


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