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Cold Pizza on ESPN2 is one of those hard-to-find-on-your-remote shows that is well worth the search. ESPN2 hosts Cold Pizza, a two-hour, weekday morning show that airs live from New York City between 7am - 9am EST.
Cold Pizza combines a unique blend of sports, pop culture, lifestyle features and consumer advice – all customized for ESPN viewers (Who exactly are they again ?).
ESPN2 then retransmits the show again at 9am - 11 am EST each day with live news updates, to try to freshen up the cold pizza - which begs the question, can you serve cold pizza from the night before, twice ?

Cold Pizza (The show that is) originates from a studio near Madison Square Garden, and has an indoor viewing area which allows fans to observe the production. The show features Jay Crawford, Kit Hoover, Leslie Maxie and Thea Andrews. Guests and regular contributors from various walks of life appear regularly to offer their insights on topics ranging from video games to dating to fantasy games – sports and otherwise.

"Cold Pizza will broaden the boundaries of the morning television genre," said Mark Shapiro, ESPN executive vice president, programming and production. "Cold Pizza is fun to watch," Shapiro added. "It will become ESPN2's signature program, bringing tremendous value to the network, our affiliates and the ad sales community looking to reach casual sports fans."
And just in case you were wondering "The show does not serve cold pizza as our name implies", Mark Shapiro added dryly.

The show tapes daily at 7am - 9am EST.

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Studio Location:
ESPN Studios
305 West 34th Street (8th Ave) on the 12th floor
New York NY 10036

No booking is necessary.
No age restrictions.

Mail in Tickets
Mail in tickets are not sent out.

Cold Pizza is broadcast live daily at 7am for two hours and is then re-broadcast at 9am.

Subway: B, D, 42nd St's. See


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