Living it up with Ali and Jack

Ali Wentworth, the wife of George Stephanopoulos, and NBC newsman Jack Ford, host "Living it up with Ali and Jack". Its a breezy morning talk show format similar to the longtime syndie staple "Live! With Regis & Kelly." The difference being that "Living It Up With Ali and Jack" is hosted by the "wild and crazy" Ali Wentworth and co-hosted by the rather dead-pan Jack Ford.
Although an alternate title of "Jack and Ali" rolls off the tongue so much more smoothly - staffers say that as Ali brings the talent, the name and the dollars - so she gets top billing. Its another case of women and their egos ruling the New York yakker circuit - so who cares if it sounds better.

Wentworth spent two years on "In Living Color" and counts more than 100 guest spots on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." Needless to say, Wentworth throws some man-on-the-street segments into the mix, it is unclear if the Tonight Show lawyers have something to say about that.

The King World production of Living it up with Ali and Jack is co-anchored by former NBC newsman Jack Ford.

Living it Up with Ali & Jack is recorded live (albeit transmitted in short-delay form) and uses the familiar one-hour daytime variety show format.
The series features topical commentary from the hosts, celebrity and non-celebrity interviews, segments based on articles from the Hearst stable of magazines (Cosmopolitan, etc.), music, field pieces tuned to Ali Wentworth’s humor, games and contests utilizing both the in-studio and viewing audiences, and other pop culture pieces.
It is unclear if they will do a piece on why this kind of TV show fails miserably and who thought that the chemistry between these two hacks would work.
True to form, native New Yorkers wouldn't dream of setting foot into the audience - Something I did a number of times, and was astounded by the amount of technical mistakes they made - especially the canned applause that continued 2 whole seconds after everyone in the audience was quiet - thank the lord for those mid-west visitors, they just lap it up - not sure if that's their target demographic though, can you say "vagina" on TV in the Ohio ?

Living it up with Jack and Ali is King World production and is produced by Bruce McKay


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