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Tickets To Live With Kelly and Michael

Free TV Show Tickets in New York City to The LIVE With Kelly and Michael TV Show. The show is shot live in New York City and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

Live with Kelly and Michael in New York CityOn the September 4, 2012 episode of Live with Regis and Kelly, long after Regis Philbin had departed and a gaggle of other temporary hosts had been sitting in the spare chair, it was announced that the next co-host of the "Live With Regis and Kelly would be Michael Strahan. Strahan had already co-hosted 16 times, so it seemed only natural - but this was not the viewers favorite, Seth Myers had co-hosted a few times and received fare more rave reviews, but it was only later that it became apparent that Meyers was being groomed for his own late-night show.

In January 2011, Regis Philbin announced that it would be his last year co-hosting Live with Regis & Kelly. His departure near the end of the year was met with many reminiscences and tears, but the show must go on, so Kelly Ripa continued hosting the beloved morning show as Live with Kelly. Kelly was joined by a wide range of co-hosts, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Neil Patrick Harris, before finally selecting former NFL player Michael Strahan as her permanent co-host in September of 2012.

For twelve years, the popular daytime TV show known as Live with Regis & Kelly was actually Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. But in 2000, Kathie Lee Gifford relinquished her spot as co-host of the hit morning show, leaving veteran TV personality Regis Philbin to fly solo briefly until new co-host Kelly Ripa (a well-liked soap opera actress) was found. From 2001 to 2011, the power duo brought a little extra fun to morning TV programming with Live. Their banter, the daily contests, interviews with celebrity and experts, musical performances, and a wide variety of segments that feature everything from cooking to pets made Live with Regis & Kelly a lively and enjoyable morning TV show, and the fun continues in its latest incarnation, Live with Kelly and Michael.

How To Get Tickets For This TV Show:

TV Show Taping Schedule:
Live with Kelly and Michael tapes 5 times a week Monday through Friday mornings at 9AM. However, sometimes, particularly in the summer or close to a holiday, they don't tape on Fridays. In the weeks where they don't tape on Fridays, they will usually tape a second show on another weekday, normally Thursday. Michael Gelman, who is the executive producer of Live! with Kelly and Michael, gets to decide the alternate tape days and will often change the shooting day for any reason.

How Many Free Tickets Are Given Out Per Day:
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Studio Location:
Live with Kelly and Michael tapes at the 7 Lincoln Square, at the ABC Studios on Columbus Avenue and 67th Street on the Upper West Side in New York City.

How Many Seats Are There At This TV Studio:
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How Long Does This Show Last?
The live show Live with Kelly and Michael lasts just less than an hour, by the time you have been seated and the show goes out live, it will all be a blur and it will be over - so be sure to tape it at home.

What Days Of The Week Are The Best Guests Booked - When Is The Best Time To Go?
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Standby and Short Notice Tickets:
Standby tickets to Live with Kelly and Michael are available. You need to be at the studio at specific time and need to do some specific things to get tickets..
There is lots of innaccurate internet research out there about these standby tickets, but most of it has been written by people who have never been to New York City! Our complete research guide to TV Show tickets will give you access to all the latest information for TV show tickets in New York City including best methods, phone numbers and the secret details. Click Here For Access

Advance Ticket Requests:
The Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan TV show does not accept phone requests for advance tickets. Advance tickets for future shows can only be requested via postal mail or occasionally over the internet via their website.
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The ABC TV Studio Rules:

  • Even though the audience at this show is rarely shot on camera on this show, the ABC TV studios don't want you to wear black or white clothing
  • No striped clothing either, but you can wear bright colors
  • No logo tee shirts or tops or shorts. No jeans or ripped tops. No goths or punks allowed.
  • No chewing gum or smoking
  • Do not bring merchandise for Kelly Ripa or Michael Strahan to sign as they will not do this, but they will sign their own photos, that are provided at the show
  • No recording devices of any kind. All phones must be switched off prior to going into the studio
  • All bags will be searched

ABC TV Studios, 7 Lincoln Square. New YorkTicket Limitations:
There are not many specific ticket limitations for Live with Kelly and Michael, but it is important to realize that the wait for in-advance tickets can be very long due to the show's popularity. Furthermore, once you have mailed your ticket request, there is no way to check the status of your request, and you will not receive confirmation that it has been granted (if it has been granted) until two or three weeks before the date of the show.

What Are The Best Seats To Get In The Studio and How To Get Them:
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Studio Audience Profile:
The studio audience profile for this show is quite varied. You'll find young mothers, middle-aged women, retirees, tourists, entire families, even teenage girls and a few men in the audience at Live with Kelly and Michael, which is a popular morning show with a strong following with a mixed demographic.

Age Requirements:
You have to be over 10 years old to attend this TV show. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

TV Studio Address:
ABC Studios
7 Lincoln Square
(corner of Columbus Ave and 67th Street)
New York, NY 10023

Show Transmission:
The Live with Kelly and Michael show airs weekday mornings at 9AM on ABC and is syndicated across the United States


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