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New York City Parking  

New York City Parking
Discount Parking Offers For Vehicle Parking In New York City Parking Lots, Parking Garages and on-the-street parking

Parking your car in New York City can be a tricky at best and a nightmare at worst.
Our NYC parking Guide contains discount parking offers, tips and scams to avoid, the list of the top Garage companies and lots more useful NYC parking tips.

New York City Parking OffersNew York City Discount Parking Offers
We have negotiated special discount parking rates to encourage drivers to park in NYC garages. The discount parking locations included in the offers are located near Broadway theatres, Jacob Javits, Madison Square Garden and The Empire State Building.
Our cheap parking offers are significantly less than the on-street retail price and have very few confusing conditions
New york city DISCOUNT parking offers
NYC Parking Garage EntranceParking Garage Tips and Scams To Avoid
New York City parking garages and parking lots can be frustrating and expensive. This guide gives you some parking garage tips and shows you some of the parking scams currently in operation including the nefarious "Event Rate", misleading parking rate signs, bumper damage and ideas on where to park luxury or larger vehicles to avoid damage.
New York City Parking Garage TIPs and scams
New York City Parking Garage CompaniesNYC Parking Garage Companies
There are over 1,100 parking facilities and 103,000 parking spaces in New York City to choose from but there are only a small handful of companies that represent the majority of all the parking garages. These major parking garage management companies have their brands over NYC and manage operations of all the independently named LLC garages that carry their brand
New York City Garage parent companies
Car Bumper Damage in NYC Parking GaragesCar and Bumper Damage
NYC parking garages have a deserved reputation for damaging vehicles and bumpers. They believe that bumpers are actually for bumping, so they will use them to squeeze as many cars into the parking lot as possible. Obviously this doesn't please the vehicle owners none too much, who now have started to put protectors over the bumpers to save their paintwork from valet abuse.
Bumper damage

NYC Midtown TrafficParking and Driving in New York City
There are 7 rules to follow when using your car in New York City, including; parking lot safety, public transportation, booking a parking spot ahead of time, self-park parking lot, dealing with getting towed in NYC and how to get discount parking offers.
Using you car in NYC

NYC Parking MeterNYC Street Parking Tips
There are many empty parking spaces on the streets of NYC where anyone can legally park.
This guide tells you where the spaces are, how to how to avoid parking tickets, how to work the parking meters to your advantage,how to read the street signs and tips on the street cleaning rules. NYC parking doesn't have to be a hassle.
Street Parking Tips
New York City Parking TicketsNYC Parking Ticket Strategies
The NYC Police give out parking tickets like candy at Halloween. Often the parking police will generate a parking ticket for cars that are parked perfectly legally, with the assumption that the vehicle owner will not fight the ticket. Adding to that is confusing signage and complicated parking rules. If you do get a parking ticket or get towed , tips on how to get the ticket reduced or removed.
Parking Ticket Strategies

NYC Traffic JamBest Value Parking Garages
We have complied a list of NYC parking garages that are all-round day-to-day the best value on price, location and availability.
We split our guide up by location - Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown West, Midtown East and Downtown.
We didn't include any special discount parking offers because these offers often change at short notice.

NYC Parking MeterNew York City Parking Meters
What is the difference between a single space parking meter and the muni-meters that are scattered throughout NYC. How can you pay at the different kinds of parking meters. What is the NYC Parking card and when can it be used ?
Airport Parking SignNew York Airport Parking
Access to parking discounts at NYC area airports - Including JFK Airport, Newark Airport and La Guardia Airport
Long stay and short stay discount parking offers. Some NYC parking lots at the airport can be convenient and cheap.
NYC Airport parking
Airport Parking SignParking Garage Theft From Vehicles- Your Car and Possessions are at Risk
The valet parking garage can be a risky place for your possessions, with little or no recourse after a theft.
On the whole, Valet garage attendants are honest and hard working individuals, but some employees steal electronic items from the vehicles they park because they know the crime will go unreported and unpunished.


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