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BROADWAY Book Of Mormon Tickets on Broadway

The Book of Mormon
Broadway Show
Reduced Price Tickets and to The Book of Mormon on Broadway in New York City

The Book of Mormon Broadway ShowThe Book of Mormon on Broadway
South Park and Team America: World Police creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker joined forces with Avenue Q's Broadway impresario Bobby Lopez to create the funny and irreverent Broadway musical The Book of Mormon.

Parker and Stone are hardly new to the musical genre, having written the musical movies South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and the cult favorite Cannibal the Musical, but Book Of Mormon is their Broadway debut, setting sales records since its debut in 2011 with every performance being sold-out.

Book of Mormon Tickets - Discount Tickets
Because The Book of Mormon is now a top Broadway show, discount tickets are quite rare because after-market pricing of tickets can range up to $500, far in excess of their face value, thus driving up the value of all of the remaining tickets to this Broadway show.

There are, however, some lower priced ticket options that are value driven for this show. They include "Standing Room Only" tickets (also known as SRO tickets), rush lottery tickets, standby tickets, and buying tickets a year in advance (as soon as Telecharge.com opens sales for that date). There are also some value driven rear mezzanine seats that start at $67.

Please check today's discount Broadway ticket listings to see what discount ticket offers we have for The Book of Mormon CLICK HERE

Book of Mormon Tickets - Regular Price Tickets
Regular Price Tickets (or face value tickets) are available for this show .
Please CLICK HERE for current prices and availability of regular price tickets for this Broadway Show.

Book of Mormon Tickets - Aftermarket and Ticket Broker Pricing
With its regular position of top three Broadways show, aftermarket ticket brokers are often selling The Book of Mormon tickets at two times face value for normal weekdays and three times face value for weekends and holidays.

Touring Shows - An Easier Way To Get Show Tickets
Like most super-successful Broadway shows, The Book of Mormon is taking their show on the road to twelve major cities across America. This tour runs through September 2013 and to keep the show peppy, some of the original cast will be going along.

There is in effect two tours, one semi-permanent show booked for Chicago at the Bank of America Theatre until September 2013 and the other traveling tour will be raising hell across ten other states with one stop in Canada.
It is anticipated that these tours will quell the white-hot ticket sales demand on Broadway and return the show to just a red-hot status.

Chicago Show
The Book of Mormon Semi-Permanent show in Chicago at the Bank of America Theatre runs through September 2013:
Book of Mormon Tickets - Bank Of America Theatre, Chicago

2013 Traveling Tour - 10 States and Canada
The stop in Boston will be longest for the traveling tour with The Book of Mormon stopping there for the whole of April, a perfect solution for any New Yorkers having trouble getting tickets to the Broadway show, just a short trip to Boston to see it.

The full Book of Mormon traveling tour plans for 2013 are:

MINNEAPOLIS: Orpheum Theatre
DES MOINES: Civic Center of Greater Des Moines
ROCHESTER: Auditorium Theatre
DETROIT: Fisher Theatre
PITTSBURGH: Benedum Theatre
ST. LOUIS: Fabulous Fox Theatre
BOSTON: Boston Opera House
TORONTO: Princess of Wales Theatre
BUFFALO: Shea's Buffalo
CLEVELAND: PlayhouseSquare
WASHINGTON, DC: The Kennedy Center Opera House

The Book of Mormon - Review and Age Recommendation
Summary: A pair of idealistic young Mormons -- one a clean-cut go-getter and the other a sweet screw-up -- fly to the African country of Uganda to spread the gospel and are horrified and challenged by the poverty and violence that they encounter in this original new Broadway musical from the successful creators of the hit TV show South Park (Matt Stone and Trey Parker), joined forces with Avenue Q co-author Bobby Lopez.
: Parental advisory: This show contains explicit language. This show is not suitable for young children - The theatre does not permit children 4 and under into the theatre.
Our Recommendation: Reminiscent of the irreverent and hilariously profane tone of the Comedy Central animated television show South Park, The Book of Mormon also boasts truly shocking, in-your-face satire that pushes the boundaries of what has previously been seen on Broadway. However, the Tony Award-winning The Book of Mormon is not just about shock value. This original Broadway stage musical created by South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone (along with Avenue Q co-writer Bobby Lopez) is surprisingly warm-hearted and often very sweet-spirited -- a reflection of the kind but flawed Mormon characters at the show's center. Featuring relatable and funny characters ranging from Mormon missionaries to African warlords, tuneful numbers that are often hysterically funny (and occasionally wildly offensive), and a heartfelt message regarding the value of faith, The Book of Mormon deserves its reputation as one of the great new musicals of the 21st century. However, just because this sell-out show is THE hot ticket on Broadway, don't assume Book of Mormon tickets are appropriate for everyone. It's important to be aware that some aspects of The Book of Mormon will be genuinely shocking to many people's sensibilities, especially if they are not used to extreme satire. Blasphemy, vulgar language, violence, and sharp satire that deals directly with the horrible conditions that many African people live in are all elements of The Book of Mormon's plot. But if you are willing to risk the possibility of being offended, Broadway's The Book of Mormon is almost certain to make you laugh yourself silly.

Broadway Theatre
The Book of Mormon is playing at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on 49th Street:

Eugene O'Neill Theatre

Eugene O'Neill Theatre
230 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
Click Here For More Info On The Theatre

Best (and worst) Seats In The Theatre To See This Show:
When architect Herbert J. Krapp designed the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on 49th Street and Broadway in 1925, he didn't do it with The Book of Mormon in mind. With a seating capacity of just over 1,100 seats, it is a good mid-sized theater that's especially suitable for larger plays or more modest musicals - but as this show is usually sold out, having that few seats may make the show more intimate, but does make tickets for this show a lot more scarce.

The best sight lines for Book of Mormon can been seen in rows G through Row Q, but be prepared to pay a premium for these tickets. The side orchestra is also a good bet for this show, although the extreme sides of the theatre are limited in their view and the tickets are not sold (or priced) as "limited view"

Because the theatre is a little larger, rear mezzanine seats (especially the sides) should be avoided unless you are blind or have "Steve Austin" bionic vision. The former will just enjoy being there for the Book of Mormon experience and the latter will need binoculars to be able to see anything worthwhile. Seeing this show from bad seats can really damage the overall experience. The poor seats in the mezzanine are Rows JKL 1-14.

Theatre Information:
The Eugene O'Neill's interior is very nice, but its outside facade is nondescript with a mud colored exterior. The theatre restrooms are quite large, but the theatre seats are slightly smaller than the average Broadway show theatre seat.

Show Synopsis:
A couple of young Mormons head out to Uganda to spread the gospel.

The Book of Mormon is classified as a Musical Comedy.

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