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Radio City Christmas Spectacular® 2014

Show Summary, Photos, Noteworthy Dates, Show Description, Discount Tickets

line Radio City Christmas Show 2014
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RCCS Show Summary

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The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been amazing audiences at Radio City Music Hall since its premiere in 1933.  Featuring the world renowned Rockettes, who dance in perfect synchronicity in a now famous kick line, the show is the best Christmas dancing show in New York.  It will play Radio City Music Hall from November 7 to December 31, 2014.  There are many performances offered especially right around Christmas time, as well as on Saturdays during December, so it is sure to fit into any holiday schedule.
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Noteworthy Dates For The Show
Show Opens: 11/07/14
Show Closes: 12/31/14
Min Number of Performances Per Week: 13
Max Number of Performances Per Week: 32
Total Number of Performances for 2014: 205
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The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular 2014
The show is mostly renowned for its dancing, but there is also a story. At first, the Rockettes appear as reindeer to Santa’s sleigh, and then they imagine all of the toys that they will receive on Christmas Day.  They also explore New York City at Christmas on a double decker bus, and then Santa whisks a little girl and her mother off from the shopping mall to the North Pole.  The little girl needs to go on a mission to find the toy that has been kidnapped by a naughty group of imaginary creatures, and then the happy family returns to New York for a remembrance of what really matters: Christmas in the heart.  This unforgettable spectacle is a holiday tradition that has been a special treat for New Yorkers and visitors alike for decades.

The Christmas show is designed to amaze and entertain audiences from the youngest of children to the oldest of adults. Scenes appeal to ages and nothing is deemed to be inappropriate for children.
  • The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • Rockettes Dancer at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • Santa Claus at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • Santa Claus and the reindeers at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The Nutcracker teddy bear dance at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The falling soldiers dance at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Hollywood Star Theatre   Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the Radio City Music Hall   Ticket Box Office
Cast Members:
The 2014 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show stars the world famous Rockettes®

Santa Claus: Charles Edward Hall
Clara: Kayla Mak, Rylee Ann Rogers, Kamryn Grace Spell
Patrick: Jon Viktor Corpuz, Major Curda, Brett Gray
Ben: BJ Covington, Wolfe Jin, Sean Reda
This Show Is At The Following Theatre:
Radio City Music Hall
1260 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10020
Click Here For More Info On The Theatre

6th Avenue, between 50th and 51st Ave
Radio City Music Hall Box Office Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 9am - 10pm
More Information on Radio City Music Hall

Seating Map:
Click Here For the seating map
Broadway Show Director   Broadway Stage   Broadway Show Genre
Show Director:
Director/Choreographer Julie Branam
Additional Scenes Directed by Mark Waldrop
Music Director Kevin Stites

Show Duration:

90 minutes, no intermission


Holiday Musical

  Staff and Creative Team:
Book & Lyrics Mark Waldrop
Composers Gary Adler, Mark Hummel
Assistant Choreographer Marqui Jenn, Traci Reszetylo, Hannah Sides, Samantha Zuidema-Wilhelm
Skaters: Josiah Modes & Colleen Maguire, Maxim Fomin & Svetlana Butova
Elves: Ronald Lee Clark, Christine Dela Victoria, Janna Dorren, Bradley Glenn Galey, Jonathan M. Kim, Zachary Blu Miller, Sebastian Saraceno, Kristin Zettlemoyer
  Production Credits:
Rockettes Dance Captains
Traci Reszetylo and Hannah Sides
Ensemble Dance Captains Marqui Jenn, Samantha Zuidema-Wilhelm
Production Stage Manager Kathy J. Hooler
First Assistant Stage Managers Nancy Pittelman, Catherine Robbins
Broadway Show Parking - gerald schoenfeld theatre  
Parking For This Theatre:
The closest parking garage for the Radio City Music Hall is located at:
Zenith Parking Garage
301 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
Quik Park Garage Triple Eight Garage LLC
1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow theatre goers have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues.

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