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Broadway RUSH Tickets - Anyone RUSH  

Starving Artist Broadway Discount Tickets

A ticket guide to starving artist discounts for Broadway show tickets

Starving Artist TicketsOut-of-work actors and other creative types can get Starving Artist tickets. Although these discount Broadway tickets were designed for struggling artists, sometimes they can be obtained by anyone who has a few hours to wait on line.

Often Best Seats In The House

Surprisingly, these heavily discounted Broadway tickets are usually the best seats in the house and usually cost about $20! In some cases, there is a "catch" to these seats -- for instance, there have been Broadway shows where the audience members were likely to get wet during the performance (usually the Broadway show supplies rainwear or clean-up gear, though).

Special Tickets Distributed Through Cultural Institutions

Starving Artist tickets are often distributed through art and cultural institutions. But you may have to register ahead of time (most likely through a website) in order to qualify for these discount tickets. The Theatre and Drama departments of colleges and universities also frequently hand out show tickets that have been significantly discounted so that students and starving artists can afford them. If you are currently attending a university, check bulletin boards or ask the administrative staff to see if they have these types of ticket discounts.

Frequently Available For Concerts and Events

The Starving Artist discount tickets are more frequently available for benefit concerts and charity events (which often feature Broadway stars), and for some non-Broadway theater events, such as dance and experimental theatre shows.